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A student looks at a painting at Chase Collegiate.

Learn, Critique and Create

The diverse Visual Arts program encompasses both traditional and modern media studies. As a Lower School student, you will learn about the elements of design: line, shape, color, texture, form and space. From there, you will begin to study art vocabulary as well as the proper use of tools and miscellaneous materials.

Projects and activities help foster artistic growth in conjunction with practical instruction. Class discussion and careful examination of objects, pictures and nature are crucial elements to the Visual Arts program. Lower-School students will build skills that help them judge and appreciate the work of recognized artists, their peers' works and their own.

The Middle-School Visual Arts program focuses on fine-tuning skills and applying them in preparation for public displays of work. As an Upper School student, you will use everything you have learned to create original, self-directed works of art. If you are interested in pursuing art beyond high school, art instructors will aid you in developing a portfolio for college admissions.

Lower School students look at their drawings at Chase Collegiate.

Find Your Space to Create

Spaces on campus include two art studios, a state-of-the-art multimedia studio and a woodworking shop. Chase’s art faculty is comprised of talented and established artists. These highly-regarded professionals teach at all levels and provide age-appropriate artistic challenges.

Visit the Art Studios

Express Yourself

At Chase, there is no limit when it comes to creative expression. Whether you’re looking to paint a watercolor landscape, learn to play classical piano or take the stage at the next musical, there is a space at Chase for you to find your artistic side.